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Top 10 best metal detector apps

Hey guy’s need best Lie Detector apps Android /iPhone 2020

These lie detector apps 2020 are made very simple and easy to use. They are not at all complicated and harmful to anyone. This app gives a breath of relief to all and makes you enjoy and laugh with friends.

The animation provided in these apps is very nice and good. These lie detector apps can be downloaded easily without any hassles. Android and iOS users go ahead and enjoy the apps.

It has 3 options Truth, Lie and Maybe. There will be a question asked of you and you have to answer it by placing your finger on the lie detector scanner and tests will be evaluated and a result will be given.

The actual truth is that this app cant really predicts that a person is lying or telling the truth. It is a prank app which makes people laugh and gives unexpected responses. Android users download this app now.

This lie detector app is trending so much these days because as it is full of entertainment. You only have to place your finger on the scanner and think about a question with yes or no and there your answer will be given through the app.

Easy to understand. This application is made only for fun purpose. Entertainment is what everyone need and this application provide it. it also has this special feature to prank your friends if you press the +volume key then answer will appear true and if –volume key is pressed then a lie will be shown. Android users please download this application now.

This application makes you scan a person’s face and see if the person is lying or telling the truth. This application is made to have with your friends and family. You can ask your family a question and then scan their face and see if they are telling the truth or lying.

This app gives amazing fun to all around. Prank your friends and family by secretly pressing the spanner button which allows you to control it. Android users download this entertaining app right away. Enjoy.

Its result comes out in the form of a polygraph. This detector is made for you to just laugh and enjoy. The results from this app are not at all real. This lie detector app is made for you so that you can play and prank your friends with this app. Download this app which has amazing animation in it and other features too. Android friendly.

Be the detector among your friends and detect who is lying and who is telling the truth. This app is specially designed for entertainment and fun which you can have with your friends and family.

Ask a question and place the finger on the scanner, if it blinks red then it’s a lie, blue is maybe and green is the truth. This application has some amazingly cool features like light, vibrations and instructions as well. Go ahead Android people download it now.

If you are unsure of someone’s reply then get them with this lie detector test. This app is only for fun purpose and to add laughter for a while. This app is made with a finger scanner in it which scans and gives out a random result. Lie detector machine prank 2019 is made only for entertainment purpose. Android people can download it for free and enjoy.

This lie detector prank app is made to have fun with friends and family. It can even be applied to kids and make them aware of not lying. This app also provides a secret option in which you can tackle the detection.

A finger scanning is done which looks real (but is actually fake)and a random answer is given with Green saying is true and red is false. Android users go ahead and have some fun.

The neon truth and lie detector is an entertaining app made for pranking friends and family. Just place your finger on the scanner and think of a simple question relating to the truth or false and the app will give you an answer. That is totally random just for fun. It involves no real data collected from the finger scanning. iOS users can download the app and can have fun from the detection.

This lie detector has amazing graphics like realistic sounds and animation with good scanning effect. Apart from this, this app has the lie detector in it with the property that either you lie or tell the truth its scanning will be done on a random basis to make it enjoyable. You can prank your friends and grab fun from it. It can be downloaded easily by iOS users for free.

This prank detector is very interesting as you can get a chance to fool when doing with friends and family. You can operate this prank on your own. If you tap on the left side it will give a lie indication and if you tap on the right then a true indication will come.

In this manner, you can fool your friends. A random reply will come if you press restart. Play this along with all and have fun and enjoy. This app is made for pure entertainment. iOS-friendly.


So guy’s these are the best lie detector apps android/iPhone 2020

These apps are made only for fun and entertainment purpose. These apps provide us with a relief of laughter. These Lie detector apps take very less space on your phones, but the fun which they provide is big.

The only aim of such apps is entertainment. The answers which these apps provide are on a random basis. The animation and graphics are so good. Please share and comment if the information provided to you was informative.