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mobile Location Finder app download

Location Finder: It’s a simple free app, that show your current location!mobile Location Finder app

Finding and sharing location is the basic functionality of the app. You must have the internet, location services is “ON” in your Location Finder app

A app which helps you find your nearby places like ATM, airport, bank, bus-
station, cafe, church, doctor, fire-station, Hindu temple, hospital, mosque,
movie-theater, pharmacy, police, railway-station, restaurant, shopping Location Finder app

A free android app helps in tracking your current address and display latitude and
longitude, save the location and share with your friend, family and loved ones
through any of your favorite social media like whats-app, Facebook,Instagram, Gmail, twitter Location Finder app

A simple and easy to use app which can route you to your destination location. It can save for you multiple location which you can easily share with anybody at any-time. All you need to do is install this app, be online and switch-on the location services in your Location Finder app

-] Find and display coordinates of your device.
-] Find your nearby places.
-] Save your favorite places.
-] Find the Address of any location on Google Maps.
-] Find route between locations.COLLAPSE

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