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Cloth Scanning Camera App ! download

Xray Body Scanner-Girl cloth remover simulator is one of the best and realistic body scanner app through which you can make your friends fool that I have body scanner real application. This is one of the best and user friendly body scanner prank app. body scanner is a prank application for entertainment .we think you will search the body scanner app that shows beneth the clothes for fun this app is very funny. This application is for fun.
Xray Body Scanner-Girl cloth remover simulator is a very funny app. you can let your friends play with your phone and see how you can scan them. A process Run through which take a picture from camera then scan it and at the end it show the pix. You can make fun with your Friend that their body is going to scan and show all under cover thing onto screen its not actually happens a process run through and an image come at the end so have fun with your friend.
The best cloth scanner app is here for you to scan clothes and have fun with friends by playing a prank on them. Using this free to download app you can prank friends and relatives. This app uses pre-defined images which suits best when user scan others by matching the outline provided on camera screen.

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