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Face Morph App!! Morphing your photos from girl to guy and guy to girl using this Face Morph App!

Picture Morph lets you create swap faces animations with anyone and create gorgeous looking GIF and Videos.

Pic Morph is the best way to Morph Faces with someone and show it off.

Morph Face is easy to use:

1. Select Faces you want to Swap with each other.
2. Advanced Morph tools provide you tools to select the right photos and right sizes by letting one image appear overlaid over others when you select the second picture.
3. Chose whether you want Face Morph GIF or Video from both the pictures.
4. Share the morphed face pictures with friends and family.

Create gorgeous pictures with your face morphed into other people or animals. Start Morphing your photos from girl to guy and guy to girl using this Face Morph App

with dazzling effects and stare quite original with these morph effects photo! Make a quick try of Face Morph App by mixing two faces, either a male or female and

get to see an altered look of your face. Also able to know about your complexion to morph with another face.

Face Morph App is a fascinating and most entertaining application with incredible morph effects to alter for a surprising look. The functionality of this app implies merging of two pictures to morph with one another and then rub the face to switch with each other. You can also do a reset, redo, and undo your changes in morphing. Create a stream of fun and laughs by installing Face Morph App to morph your friend’s

photo with a female/male face!

With one of the largest repositories of faces, Face Swap Booth also allows you to manually add more of your own using the app’s automatic face detection feature. And considering that some competitors’ apps have mistaken chocolate chip cookies for a face, a competent auto-detect feature is nice to have.

The app also allows you to select only certain facial features to swap and overlay. So you can create a face using your eyes, a celebrity’s nose, a friend’s beard…your imagination is the only limit. Swap faces from different photos, blend faces together and save your creations to use again later.

Face Swap Booth comes pre-loaded with lots of celebrity faces. You can also overlay any object in your photo. Even though this app may not have the most reviews or downloads, it’s still one of the best—even compared to some of the more popular apps.

Microsoft just recently jumped on board with its own face-swapping app, but better late than never. Microsoft differentiated its app to stand out from others that have been in the game longer by adding some unique features and abilities.

This face-swapping app allows you to extract a face from one image to superimpose onto images from the web (with a search option provided by Bing) or from your own gallery. Additionally, the app sports some pretty awesome facial recognition technology.

So if you want to plaster your face onto the body of a bodybuilder you find online, you can. If you’ve always wanted to travel to France, but can’t afford to, you can at least make it look like you are standing by the Eiffel Tower. You can also use Face Swap to try out new hairstyles and outfits